*Team Member of the Year Spotlight*

*Team Member of the Year Spotlight*

AAPSA's Team Member of the Year 2018 goes out to Kayla Kallay-Gonzalez!

A little about Kayla...

What is your role at AAPSA? 

I am a licensed mental health counselor and also a diagnostician. I provide comprehensive evaluations and conduct psychological testing. Additionally, I conduct parent education sessions, as well as individual and group therapy.  

How long have you been with AAPSA? 

I have been with AAPSA for just over 2 years now.  

What drew you to AAPSA originally? And how has AAPSA changed since? 

When I was considering applying, I spoke to a current employee who shared how much she enjoyed her job here. She spoke very highly of the agency and the staff which really motivated me to apply. I knew as soon as I interviewed I wanted to be apart of this. Through my time here I have only seen things evolve and improve in this growing agency. Not only has our team expanded but we have been able to provide more services and help for individuals in our community.  

How do you define success? 

In my mind I define success as doing things which align with your values and goals and doing them wholeheartedly. Continuously challenging yourself to achieve what is important to you is essential for growth. I also define success as not allowing our mistakes and failures to keep us down 

What advice would you give to recent hires?

I would say that there is certainly a learning curve but if you are patient with yourself and trust the process you will achieve great things. No one expects you to come in knowing everything. Rest assured you have a team who is always willing to provide support and explain things in ways you understand so ask questions and do not stop asking question 

Do you have an office nickname? If so, what is it? 

I usually just go by KK. No one has given me any cool names.  

Favorite song?

Africa by Toto

What does being 'Team Member of the Year' mean to you? 

To me it means that sacrifice and hard work is worth the effort at the end of the day. It also means that I have been able to push myself further, grow personally and professionally, and overcome the challenges over the past year. 


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