We are excited and proud to announce that we now offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services! ABA is the gold-standard of treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The goal of ABA is simple: to fuel positive and significant changes in key areas of daily life including language, social-emotional, and behavioral domains. Our ABA program is offered in a variety of settings including home, community/school, and office, provided by our highly-trained staff. ABA therapy offers the opportunity for learning new skills in settings where the skills are naturally performed by your child (e.g., requesting specific food items from parents at home).Once an effective treatment plan is created our staff will train you on how to apply the treatment with your child in home and community settings.

    What is ABA?

    ABA is a positive and supportive approach to helping children learn important, developmentally appropriate skills. Through ABA we identify a child’s strengths and areas of need, and develop a treatment plan to help fuel their development in key areas such as language, social-emotional and behavioral domains. Research has clearly demonstrated that children with ASD who receive ABA have much better long-term outcomes than those who do not receive ABA.

    EARLY is best!

    A wealth of scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that the earlier a child receives ABA, the better the outcomes. Our goal is to identify children in need of services as early as possible so that we can provide treatment and optimize their long-term outcomes!

    MORE is best!

    Scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that the more ABA that a child receives, the better the outcomes. Our goal is to provide intensive ABA services on a weekly basis so that we can optimize a child’s long-term outcomes. On average, we provide between 10 – 20 hours of ABA to each child, each week. 


  • Intensive Behavior Clinic

    The ultimate goal of all of our treatments is to help our patients to live rewarding and independent lives in their natural communities. Thus, when possible, we strive to provide therapy in the natural settings in which a person is impaired (e.g. school, home, community). For some patients, the severity of their symptoms may limit the ability to offer treatment in these non-office settings. Thus, when appropriate we may choose to provide treatment in a more structured and safe environment such as our Intensive Behavior Clinic. Our Intensive Behavior Clinic was designed for patients who may exhibit significant risk to themselves or others owing to behaviors such as aggression and eloping. Treatment in our Intensive Behavior Clinic allows us to conduct thorough functional assessments in a safer environment which helps us find the reasons a patient is aggressive, for example. We can then treat these problems in a safer environment that what a typical community setting would allow. Once significant gains are made and risk for self- or other-harm is reduced, we transition our therapy plans to less restrictive settings such as schools, homes, and community.