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Advocating for your child in a school setting can be a very confusing and frustrating process. Our advocacy staff is highly-trained to understand the clinical needs of children in school settings and can improve communication between the home and school. In the context of Parent Education and Skill Building therapy appointments, we aid parents in understanding what services would benefit their children and acquiring necessary supports, modifications, accommodations, and special education status.

School Observations

School personnel often desire input from parents for suggestions on how to help their child be successful in an academic setting. We conduct school-based observations to aid parents in understanding their child’s academic, social and emotional functioning during the school day. Observations are conducted in multiple settings (e.g., classroom, recess, specials) during the school day and include a teacher interview in order to help further understand the areas of concern. Based on the observation, we provide recommendations to improve academic, social and emotional functioning and promote optimal growth.

Professional Development and Training

We employ strategies such as Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) that are proactive, data-driven, and strength-based, and hence offer much more in promoting the long-term growth and promise of children and adolescents.