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    Best Place to Start My Career!

    Highlights of working at AAPSA: leadership is approachable and helpful; initiative and motivation are embraced; the work environment is enriching and supportive. AAPSA provided all of the training I needed to be successful in my role, and then some. I have been given career counseling, advice about graduate school, and exposure to training above my professional level.

    I am challenged every day to provide the best services possible, and feel supported through that learning process. The work day features variety and is fast paced. There is a lot to learn and many people to serve. I love what I do and always feel appreciated!

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    Workplace that actually cares about their employees

    My job is ensuring quality and policy/procedure compliance. I interact with most of the employees here. Any time I have a question about something or need to elevate an issue, management is always there to help. I love that management has really empowered me to do my job the way I feel is best. My last employer micro-managed everything in her department and it was very difficult to get anything accomplished. It is the exact opposite here. I love my work and the variety of it. The atmosphere is one of a kind. I feel like a valued employee and that management truly appreciates me and the work I do.

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    Very supportive employer with healthy work environment and room for advancement.

    Management/leadership is very personable and always make you feel like they are happy to see you. Work environment by extension is very positive. There is a very strong team atmosphere that I appreciate. I always feel supported and like my concerns and needs as an employee are being taken seriously. I would highly recommend it as a place to work and grow professionally.

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    Clinician Review

    This is the first time in my career that I have felt entirely supported and encouraged. I am challenged to do my best and I do it with enthusiasm. There is always an opportunity to further your education and enhance your experiences. The staff and admin are the most supportive and upbeat I have ever encountered. This job is very rewarding and I am excited to be part of the team. I am proud to say that I work for AAPSA!

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    Great place to work!

    I loved my time at AAPSA! I held a few different positions within the company and no matter the department, there seems to be a strong sense of family and commitment. Everyone always has your back and is willing to help out. I think that's what I enjoyed the most about my time there. Everything anyone did was always to benefit the people we work for. Fun environment, no drama, and a boss who's so down to earth! Really great place!

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